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Hi! I’m Letha, principal at Bits & Fields.

For over 20 years, Bits & Fields has created technical, promotional, industrial, and scientific content that people actually want to read.

Check out our portfolio and shoot us an email to discuss your content needs.



“Letha opened my eyes to the importance of strong technical documentation. She is the standard that I compare all other technical writers against. Letha takes complex technical functions and turns them into concepts a user of the system can easily understand. Her writing is concise, relevant and engaging.”

Bits & Fields is a nimble and talented communications firm. We create technical documentation, web content, and collateral for our happy clients. From software user and developer education to marketing materials, our experience is broad and varied.
The common traits in our work are strength of voice, readability, accuracy, and effectiveness. Between the awards we’ve received and our delighted clients, we’re starting to think we’re pretty good at this whole writing thing.
We offer discounted rates to our favorite clients: equestrian and pet organizations. We love to work in that special place where critters and content meet.


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“Letha’s ability to understand a new concept and translate it back for the end user to easily consume is impressive and a fun process to be a part of. She always delivers on time, sets realistic expectations, and has a world-class team at Bits & Fields.”