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Every web page, instruction sheet, slide deck, or blog entry that you share with your customers is a building block of your reputation. Proposals, specifications, and technical documentation can make as much of an impression as the solutions that you provide. Typos and grammatical errors tell customers that you just don’t care. Hard-to-read documents not only tarnish your image — they can cause confusion between you and your customers and interfere with project success. You might be surprised to discover the impact a good editor can have on your business.

We provide two levels of editing services:

  • Proofreading identifies blatant errors in spelling, punctuation, word usage, and formatting. It eliminates the most embarrassing mistakes and delivers a clean document, presentation, or website.
  • Content and structural editing improves the readability, flow, and clarity of a document. It can include reorganizing sections or sentences, changing and removing words to make information more concise, making vague language more clear, and much more.