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Our websites are simple, usable, and professional.

Everyone seems to have a nephew or a neighbor who can make a website for them. Plenty of people fall for the do-it-yourself solutions out there that promise quality results. Let’s face it: that’s one reason why the internet is filled with garbage. Some of the DIY sites are pretty cool and your nephew might have mad HTML skills. But who provides the writing that matches the voice and professionalism of your business or group? Who ensures that your customers find the information they’re looking for? Who supplies the photographs and images that make you stand out among your competitors?

We do. At Bits & Fields we talk with you and with your current and target customers to learn about their needs, goals, and comfort levels. We provide written content that ranges from fun to elegant to business-formal. We come to your location to provide custom photography that helps shape your message. We test our results on real users to ensure that navigating through your site is breeze-easy.

Below are a few examples of our work. If you think we’re the right team to deliver the results you need, please contact us.

Gutless Gourmet

Gutless Gourmet, recipes and tips for thriving with a smaller stomach.The team at Gutless Gourmet wanted a website design as fresh and nourishing as their food. We explored the internet with them, evaluating popular cooking sites and noting their likes and dislikes. We met with likely users of the Gutless Gourmet site, discussed what they’re looking for in a specialty cooking resource, and watched them click through some competitor sites. We listened to what the Gutless Gourmet target audience had to tell us and came up with a design that fit their needs and matched the team’s goals. The result is a bright and friendly place for healthy information.

Direct Primary Care Coalition

Making sense out of Health CareThe Direct Primary Care Coalition has an important message to communicate to America. They chose us to communicate it for them. We created a straightforward yet powerful site that allows them to change their content any time. So whenever they’re featured on the tv news or they have a new priority to emphasize, they can do it themselves with the web-based tools we built for them. It’s as easy as filling out a form.

Dressage Northwest

Resources for dressage riders in the Pacific Northwest Region.A resource for dressage riders in the Pacific Northwest region, Dressage Northwest’s main attraction is its activities and events calendar. We highlight regional shows, clinics, and other happenings that interest the dressage community. The site also features articles about everything from local tack sales to personal equestrian experiences. It’s a site for an active and demanding community of enthusiasts.

Tina Wolfe Riding Academy

Tina Wolfe Riding Academy stresses safety, one-on-one schooling and phenomenal four-legged teachers.It’s hard to believe that a revered local institution like Tina Wolfe Riding Academy didn’t already have an internet presence! Tina asked us to create a site for her riding school that appealed to young riders, provided information for parents, and of course used her show colors (purple and black). We put the focus on kids and horses and painted a portrait of Tina Wolfe Riding Academy that stresses safety, one-on-one schooling, and the phenomenal four-legged teachers who help Tina’s success.


A full-service consulting firm dedicated to your success.The old grantwinners.net site was the perfect example of a home-made, well-intended web presence. It had tons of content and technical widgets but lacked focus and, well, serenity. Owner Heather Denkmire knew she needed help. We spent some time brainstorming about her values and priorities and about the organizational image she wanted to portray. The resulting site is soft and light with a clear message about attaining goals for community.  As a writer, Heather has plans to keep a journal of grant-related ideas and observations. So we tied into her site a WordPress blog where she can record and present her ideas.

True Patriot Network

Non-partisan civic organization based on the bookWhen the authors of The True Patriot decided to build a non-partisan civic organization based on the ideas in their book, they asked us to represent them on the web. To help them foster civic action, discussion, and engagement we created a tool for writing to members of congress, a forum for reading the book online and discussing it with other readers, and other tools for patriots. And since they love to write, we set it up so that they can easily add and change the content on their own site.

Bridlewood Stables

Down-to-earth, family-run equestrian center on Bridle Trails State Park.Bridlewood Stables is a wonderfully down-to-earth, family-run equestrian center on Bridle Trails State Park. They asked for a website that is as natural and no-nonsense as they are. The resident trainer is so humble that we couldn’t get her to market herself for the site. So instead we asked her enthusiastic and loyal clients to tell us what makes her special.

Bay City Dressage

Bay City DressageWhen owner/instructor Des Whitson at Bay City Dressage decided it was time to update her complete marketing solution, she turned to Bits and Fields. And we couldn’t be more delighted!

Des knew she wanted the visual focus of her site and materials to be a silhouette of her favorite sporthorse stallion, Lingh, against the Seattle skyline. It was a pleasure to take Des’s vision and turn it into a logo, business cards, brochures, and a playful and dreamy website that communicates what a special place Bay City Dressage is for horses and riders. We also create ads for Bay City, testing different approaches, locations, and content to help spread the word about what Des has to offer the equestrian community.

Let’s Play Hoofball!

Hoofball is a new equestrian sport that is gaining popularity.Hoofball is a relatively new equestrian sport that is gaining popularity across the globe. The Let’s Play Hoofball team wanted to spread the fun by providing free information on getting started, playing solo hoofball, and team play.

We got to know their audience and tapped into our background in instructional writing to create easy-to-follow steps, guidelines, and tips for successful hoofball play. When the Let’s Play Hoofball team is ready to start selling their sporting goods and training tools, we’ll set up their ecommerce solution too.


Guess the mutt game!If you’ve ever had a mutt, you know that people can’t seem to resist guessing what breeds are in his family tree. MotleyDog isn’t sure why, but they’ve turned it into a fun activity on the web. Mutt owners post photos of their dogs on the site so that visitors can guess what Heinz 57 varieties they’re made up of.  For a dog lover, it’s absolutely addictive!

Bits and Fields delivered the MotleyDog site from concept, creating the simple layout, behavior, and content that makes the site easy to use the first time and irresistible to return to a second time… third.. fourth… and so on!